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Premier League Latest

Hey, hey, hey! Howdy readers! It’s Si again for another instalment of my new blog. Hope the reading about UFC was to your taste. I’m still buzzing about that fight! Anyway today is time to talk about a game from the other side of the pond, The Premier League. Soccer is getting bigger and bigger in the states and my team The New York Red Bulls have some amazing soccer players on the books at the moment. The great viewing at the moment though comes from the Premier League, and this season is no different.


The biggest shock is Chelsea being so bad and having big problems this year. Will be interesting the see how they are doing after the busy holiday period, the most notorious time of year for the teams over there, as they play a lot of games over a very short space of time.


The biggest surprise is obviously Leicester being top of the league after 13 games. Their premier striker Jamie Vardy has equalled a record for scoring in the most Premier League games in row, 10 so far! An incredible achievement when you consider some of the amazing players that have played in that league. Apparently he was playing at a much lower level just a few years ago too!


At the bottom is Aston Villa, they recently changed the coach and we will see if he has an impact. I have family over there who are fans of Villa so I hope they pull through. It is a big club and a shame to see them doing so badly. I think Randy Lerner needs to sell the club fast. Definitely not one of the better American purchases over there.


I’ll be back with another entry on soccer in the New Year, see where all the teams are in January!