Biggest UFC Fight of all time!

Hey, hey, hey! Howdy again readers. How is everyone? I’m not liking the downturn in temperature of late, but I’m excited that Christmas is on the horizon, as I love that time of year. Why? Because it’s a great time for sport! That’s why. My family are OK too I guess. My Uncles and Dad and I love watching sport together over the holidays. And we drink lots of beer. Great times!


Anyway December brings another great sporting occasion before the holiday season, as there is arguably the biggest UFC fight of all time. Connor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo. The big brash Irishman with the huge mouth and the smaller, yet brutal, far quieter Brazilan.



The build-up to the fight has been nothing short of intense, with McGregor knowing how to get people interested. That guy sure knows how to promote a fight. Some of the scenes are downright horrid and you can’t tell what Aldo is thinking half the time. I have never seen taunting like it and it will be very interesting to see what happens on December 12th when they finally get in the ring together.


As far as the fight goes it is a hugely intriguing contest. McGregor is a lot taller and has a far superior reach, so you would hope that Aldo has been working on his wrestling manoeuvres because he is going to have to get very close to the Irishman. McGregor has awesome punching power and a couple of hits with that fist has proved too much for most fighters.


Both are at the top of UFC and it is a very hard one to call, but you have to fancy McGregor. He’s younger and taller and Aldo does look a little concerned in a lot of the press conferences that have been aired. You never know though, you just can’t discount the great man.



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